Why Should You Book an Alaska Cruise?

Why should you Book and Alaska Cruise?

Thinking About an Alaskan Cruise?

Alaska is a beautiful destination with a lot to explore.

Creek Street is a historic boardwalk and former red light district situated along the banks of Ketchickan Creek in Ketchikan, Alaska

This national park is only assessable by boat or plane.  It is a highlight of Alaska's inside Passage and one of the worlds largest international protected areas. It is estimated that there is more than 27,00 glaciers in Alaska. Glaciers cover nearly 10% of the state.

There is no shortage of wild life to see on your Alaskan cruise. There are orcas, humpbacks, otters, harbor seals, and bald eagles just to name a few

Cruises are a great way to See the beauty of Alaska

Bordered by two oceans and three seas, with 3,000 rivers and approximately 3 million lakes,  only 20 percent of Alaska is accessible by roads.  This makes cruises a popular way to see Alaska

Do Your research

Before choosing which Alaska cruise is best for you make sure to do some research or talk with your travel advisor.  There are a lot of options available.  You want to make sure you choose one that will provide you with the best experience for you.

What to wear

Dress in layers.  There are times that it will be warm on your Alaska cruise but you will want to make sure you have plenty of layers.  A good warm jacket that is waterproof is a must have.

I recommend having some type of waterproof pants as well as waterproof jacket.  It does rain a lot in Alaska and staying dry is going to make your vacation a lot more enjoyable

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